National Day of Prayer in Pittsburg

A community effort to draw attention to the National Day Of Prayer was marked in Pittsburg,  for the last five days, with the public reading of the words of the Bible. At downtown Pittsburgs' witness park, it was read in 9 different languages, 24 hours a day... During the heat of the day , and in the early morning hours with no one around.

"It was cold and windy but when you got up to read, it seemed quiet and reverent, and you were warm" said reader Pat Holcomb.

"Its a wonderful opportunity to bless the Lord, and to proclaim the Lord to the world" said Japanese translator ,Mokoko Bass. Over 300 readers took part.

For people like 80 year old Thelma Jackson, whose great aunt was born a slave, the event was about ultimate freedom. "What we do need is to truly love our fellow man as he loved us regardless what color it is , who it is" said Jackson.

The purpose was to encourage unity among all people, and to put aside the things that divide us. Using the Bible to show we're more alike than we are different. Organizers say they will make the event an annual gathering to lead up to National Day Of Prayer.

Bob Hallmark reporting.