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5/5/04 - Henderson

Nurse's Wife Tells About Attempted Electrocution

It appeared to be a warm welcome home for Teresa Wolfe and her 11-month-old daughter. Teresa's husband, William, greeted her with a romantic card.

"I just hope that you know that each moment we can spend together means so much to me," Teresa read the card.

Next came a candle-lit bubble bath and a radio playing romantic music. Teresa says it was the radio that almost led to her death, when William allegedly tried to knock it into the water.

"And I caught and tossed it out real quick," Teresa said.

She says William's reaction was suspicious.

"I sat there for a minute, and it didn't seem right to me," she said.

Later, Teresa says she found a history of websites William had visited about bathtub electrocutions and a receipt for a dozen roses to another woman. Teresa also found out William had taken out a $200,000 life insurance policy on her at work.

However, William's lawyer says he's innocent.

"He didn't try to kill her, he didn't throw a radio into the bathtub, he has not been on the Internet researching methods to harm his wife," Cary Crump, defense attorney, said.

But for Teresa, four years of marriage has ended in betrayal.

"I don't know how I'm ever going to be able to trust anybody again, honest," she said. "I mean, the person you love tries to kill you, you know. How are you going to trust anybody again?"

William's lawyer says William has since filed for divorce. William is out of jail on bond and charged with criminal attempt at murder, which carries up to a 20-year sentence.

Julie Tam, reporting.

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