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05/04/04 - Tyler

Couple Found With Tools for Chemical Weapon Sentenced

  In the age after 9/11, many tips from ordinary citizens have led to searches and arrests. But what was found in Noonday last April shocked East Texans. A large amount of cyanide poison, explosives, and firearms were stocked in a storage unit.

  Now William Krar and Judith Bruey have been sentenced to prison. Krar received just over 11 years. Bruey got just under five years.

  FBI Special Agent Peter Galbraith: "Terrorism has many faces, foreign and domestic."

  Were they going to be domestic terrorists? Prosecutors don't know or won't say just how far William Krar would have gone, nor how much his common law wife Judith Bruey really knew.  They say there are now other cases under investigation.

  U.S. Attorney Matthew Orwig: "This particular investigation has tentacles into other potential investigations. "

  It was last April when a package from Krar was recieved in New York. It was sent to the wrong address. Inside were fake documents and fake IDs. The alert citizen who got them called police and they were led to Noonday.

  Orwig: "While we do not know the specific plans and what they were, we do know those plans were thwarted, those plans were prevented."

  Cyanide, handguns, silencers, and explosives were all found in the couple's storage facility. 

  Judith Bruey's attorney doesn't think she was very involved.

  Attorney Aaron Albritton: "I don't think she had full knowledge of what was going on."

  Prosecutors say Krar has ties with militia members.

  Galbraith: "His roots go far back up into the Northeast and we have identified some associates other individuals."

  Finding this cache of weapons and getting convictions makes them proud, though they say their work in this age of terrorism has just begun.

  Galbraith: "It all began with an alert citizen in New York who noticed something and got the ball rolling, and started an investigation. Today marks the end of the chapter on Mr. Krar, but the book on terrorism is still open."

   Prosecutors say there was enough cyanide to kill everyone in a 30,000 square foot building. Yet Krar received just over 11 years in prison. That's because of federal sentencing guidelines.

  While prosectors mentioned the possibility a building was targeted by Krar, they would not say what kind of building, or where it was. Krar and Bruey are not originally from East Texas, and they have asked they both be sent to federal prisons in the Northeast U.S.

Reported by Morgan Palmer. 

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