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Power of Prayer: The Baskins

David and Keri Baskin will be celebrating 20 years of marriage this summer.

They met at Tyler Junior College and have two beautiful children.

Keri is a teacher in Whitehouse and David is now living with ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig's disease.

David told us, "I used to be real active. I rode bicycles a bunch, mountain bikes and road bikes. I started noticing one day when I was shifting gears that my thumb was getting real weak."

Things only got worse from there.

David, who was very active, knew something was seriously wrong when he was getting ready for a hunting trip.

David says "I couldn't pull my bow back, and that's really unusual. I even turned it down to the minimum poundage that it would go and I still couldn't pull it back."

The Baskins went to a specialist in Houston who, after a day and a half of testing, told them that David had ALS.

Keri's reaction was not unusual.

Keri says, "Initially just not wanting to believe it, wanting a second opinion. And just a little devastation. A deep, deep sadness watching someone struggle like that in your family."

But once word of David's condition got out, people responded.

David said the reaction "Kind of surprised me, I guess. Just made me proud. I guess that people would do stuff like that. I had customers reach out to us and want to help, complete strangers. It was just kind of neat to see. It's helped us just with freeing up a little time for us to spend more time together."

And more hugs and kisses from their children.

"From her, from the little girl. The boy I don't get any hugs and kisses from. I get a hug in the morning bye and that's about it. But my little girl gives me lots more hugs and kisses," David said.

Keri says "If anyone ever doubts that there's a God, just come to our house and see us laugh at the craziest, goofiest stuff and you'll know that in the midst of us going through all this turmoil. If you look at it in such a respect that there's just so many things to be thankful for."

The Baskins are taking things one day at a time, still getting weekly meals and visits from family and friends, gestures that don't go unnoticed.

David says, "I'm very appreciative and thankful for everything that everybody's doing and has done."

"There are good things that are coming out of this. There are amazing, incredible miracles that are coming out of this, and just stopping long enough to realize them," Keri said.

The church and community also got together for a fundraiser to help pay for a bathroom renovation designed to help accommodate David's growing needs.

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