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5/3/04 - Kilgore

"Monster Ride" Reigns in Kilgore

  Jimmy Jones of Kilgore has been working on cars and trucks his whole life. But it wasn't until recently he got an idea to build a very unique vehicle.

They call it "Mom's taxi", and it has been turning heads all over.

"We were going to build a riding truck for kids and we thought, get them a school bus... kids love it," said Jimmy Jones, owner, Jones Monster Truck Show.

The monster bus is powered by a 600 horse-power diesel engine and stands more than 12 ft tall. Co-owner Karen Whiteside said, it's a mean machine.

"It frightens me sometimes," she said. "I got on it and rode for the first time this past weekend, other than that it usually scares me."

Jones came up with the idea for the bus after attending a monster truck show in Longview last year. The chassis is from an old fertilizer truck and the body is an authentic school bus.

The pair have taken the truck to two events, and they said it's been popular.

"When we pull up everybody just stops what they're doing and they just stare," Whiteside said "It's like a magnet, the bus just draws people to it."

The truck is truly a monster. The tires alone stand 5 1/2 ft tall and cost a whopping $25,000. Jones puts the total cost at about $50,000. He is planning to build an even bigger truck in the coming months.

Chris Gibson, reporting

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