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Weather concerns for Alleyfest

Not a big severe weather threat here in east Texas, but rain could dampen plans for this weekend's Alleyfest in Longview. Organizers moved the popular festival to may hoping for better weather and bigger daytime crowds. Despite the threat of rain, organizers say its full speed ahead. As vendors busily set up, many are holding their breath that the first night of the new Alleyfest, isn't all wet.

"With our knees in our laps fingers crossed but the way its looking maybe some light showers this evening bring your rain ponchos bring your umbrella's. There's always a concern about weather. We just roll the dice and it was that way when we had our event in June," says Longview chamber of commerce president and CEO Kelly Hall.

Some say rain won't make a difference.

"We'll be here rain or shine. Because its a lot of fun there's a lot of neat things to do and they always have a great band," says Alleyfest fan Amy Prewit.

But others say they'll stay away if it rains. Organizers say there is no contingency plan, if it rains the show will go on, and they're hoping that people will come out anyway.

"Signature event for out downtown area, so the rain factor was there in June its still there in may, so rain or shine its going to be a great event," Hall says.

Tony McCullough is with the featured band 'Borderline', and hopes a little rain won't keep people from coming out to have a good time.

"You're going to take a shower when you get home anyway what's the difference , your clothes are going to be washed eventually how often do you get to see live bands like this in Longview," McCullough says.

Music continues at the Fredonia street stage until midnight.

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