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05/02/04 - Longview

Complete Bible Read in 5 Day Pittsburg Event

       This coming Thursday is National Day of Prayer in America.  In Cass county a unique celebration has already started. In downtown Pittsburg at a place called Witness Park, the words of the Bible are being read in 9 different languages.

     Numerous area churches joined in for a prelude to National Prayer day on Thursday. "It gives us a chance to show that God is the answer, that we need God to take care of the problems we're facing.  We can't do it," says event supporter Earlene Robinson.

    24 hours a day for 5 days the Bible will be read, from Genesis to Revelations.  Over 300 readers will tale part in an unbroken chain. The project is the brainchild of Pittsburg resident Kathleen Koecker, who wanted to do more than celebrate prayer on just one day.

    "I'm hopeful that as we read the word of God that, that peace that passes all understanding will begin here," says Koecher.

The purpose was to encourage language, racial, age, and denominational diversity, uniqueness, unity in faith, and healing in turbulent times. "A source of strength like no other that we can draw upon in time like these that are serious times and times of celebration also," says reader Perry Henderson.

    The celebration will culminate with closing ceremonies at noon on Thursday.

 Bob Hallmark reporting.

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