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5/1/04-Smith County

Flood Victim Wants Action From County

East Texas was pounded over the last two days in some places, with as much as five inches of rain. That rain has caused problems for many as it washed out some bridges and flooded some roadways.

One resident living in the Stoney Glenn addition in Gresham, is cleaning up after her home flooded for the 2nd time in just 10 months. She's asked the County to get involved, but said she's only gotten excuses.

The rain had all but stopped Saturday morning, but the water continued to flow through Jan Tomlinson's backyard. When she bought the house on Ecco Glen drive back in 2002 she never thought she'd have to deal with this type of flooding. But she soon learned.

"My neighbors have told me this problem precedes me," she said. "Nobody's house has flood but the issue has been here for years."

The flood waters have been destructive. Tomlinson said she's put $40,000 into repairs since the last flood.

"We've re-landscaped, we've brought dirt in, we've put drains in, we've put deck out and put rock and sand in to help alleviate the runoff... I just don't know what else I can do."

Out of ideas this homeowner turned to the county for answers. Tomlinson said they've promised to help, but have done nothing.

"All the money I spent and the work I've done to fix my house was totally in vain," she said. "The county didn't do what they were supposed to do to alleviate the problem."

Sharon Emmert is the County Commissioner for the Gresham District. She said Smith County is working on the problem and that county engineers recommend a drainage ditch behind Tomlinson's home, but some of Tomlinson's neighbors have refused access to their property.

She also said she plans to take the issue up again, and hopes to work with the neighborhood to fix the problem.

Chris Gibson, reporting

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