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05/01/04 - Longview

Vets Meet over Benefits Concerns

A group of American veterans want to know what benefits will be available to older vets, and a new generation coming out of the Iraq war. Over 100 veterans met at American legion post 351 in Hughes Springs.

Many came to get updated information on health benefits and what will be offered in the future. They also met to talk about their support of US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, and how they deserve the same benefits when they come home.

"Giving us a lot of information what the benefits are for veterans, world war two veterans Vietnam veterans, Gulf war veterans all the veterans," says world war two marine corps veteran Dr. O.C. Bradley.

"Everything should go to them and give them things that they need, get the victory and come home, I don't believe in losing things I believe in winning things," said world war two Pacific veteran Wiley Pippin.

The veterans say they hope their will soon be an end to the job troops are doing overseas so that all our can come home soon.

Bob Hallmark reporting.

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