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4/30/04 - Tyler

Spring Garden Show

"Dead grass and a pecan tree. That was it," says Janis Paulver explaining what her land use to look like. But with hard work and creativity she's turned a vacant lot into a picturesque garden.

  "Well I did a little bit at a time, and it's been over a process of about three years."

  This retired school teacher says gardening was something she never had time for when she was working, which is why she indulges in her hobby now. And she's done it all by herself. From the ponds to the plants.

  "I looked in a lot of magazines and I saw different pictures and things that I liked," she adds.

  The best part -- she did it all on a budget, finding many of her favorite pieces in the most unlikely places.

  "This rock wall is cement that somebody was tearing up from a sidewalk. I asked if i could have the pieces and they said yes," she says.

  She even used an old fire wood holder to make a rose arbor.

  "I thought turning it upside down would work and I took branches from my crape myrtle while they were green and wove them it and out to disguise the firewood holder."

  Her creative ideas earned her a spot on the prestigious spring home garden tour, something she used to go on ever year for ideas. But this year she'll be the one offering great tips.

  The tour starts May 1.

  For a list of homes on the tour go to the Know More On Seven Link.

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