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4/30/04 - Tyler

THHSC Holds Hearings on Controversial Call Centers

The Texas Health and Human Services plans to replace offices with call centers is being met with controversy.
Today, protestors lined up outside of the Holiday Inn Select in Tyler to voice their opposition to the call centers.
Representatives of the state say their goal is to provide an easier way to give aid and make better use of tax dollars.
Protestors say the new call centers will exclude most of those the commission tries to help. Katherine Nick, a union representative for THHSC workers says the bigger issue is the future of those who need assistance. "A lot of people will say that it's jobs, oh these are just disgruntled employees, they're going to loose their jobs they're all out there all upset. Listen that's not the problem. The problem is the Medicaid clients who are going to loose their Medicaid because they can't handle this call center thing."
Public hearings were held in 10 other cities across the state of Texas today. The first trial call centers are not expected to open until this fall.

Story by Maya Golden,

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