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Better East Texas: Register to vote

By Pat Stacey

We are months away from the November election but the city of Tyler, Smith County and several other communities are abuzz with the prospect of some form of wet-dry initiative being on the ballot.  There are few people that are on the fence on this issue.  In most cases, the decision is rooted in either economic reasons, convenience reasons or a moral reason.  All sides will be formally and informally delivering statistics and other relevant information in the coming months.  But since many people have already taken a stand on the decision to go wet or not to go wet, will all the information in the world make a difference?  I would say – yes.  Yes, because no matter where you fall on this decision, your opinion is meaningless if you don't vote and the first step is to register to vote.  You can register on-line and numerous other places in person.  We have a link on our website KLTV dot com where you can find additional information.  If you are not already registered, you won't be able to vote in the primary on May twenty-ninth but you can register and

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