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Brand new video of E. Texas quadruplets


After two months in the hospital, Maria Salgado gave birth to four healthy little girls.

"Mariah Nikole, Amari Citlalli, Yahaira Isabel, and Zaida Anabel," said father, Ruben Salgado. 

Both Maria and Ruben have twins in their family tree and suspected they might be having twins as well.

"That is what everyone was saying, 'You're probably having twins, your probably having twins' and I felt it too," Ruben said. 

Although twins run in the family, Maria and Ruben take the cake with quadruplets.  Maria, who barely reaches 4'9" said she was as round as a beach ball.

"It was like, you know, those big balls from Walmart. It looked like I had one of those in there," Maria said as she pointed to her stomach. 

Ruben and Maria were not expecting the babies until Thursday, so Ruben had to rush to the hospital yesterday. 

"I kind of got here late, but right when I heard it I took off," Ruben said. 

The quadruplets make a total of six little girls for the Salgados.
They are already looking at buying a bigger car and a bigger house.

"Everything changes; we need an upgrade," Maria and Ruben said together. 

"We may not be able to give them everything they want, but for sure everything they need," Maria said. 

Maria said changing diapers is not one of Ruben's favorite things, but he better get used to it fast.

"He doesn't like changing poopy diapers, and that's gonna change because there's four not one," Maria said with a laugh. 

It's going to be a big adjustment, but Maria said if she has made it this far she can make it through anything. 

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