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04/27/04 - Mt. Pleasant

Boy Allegedly Threatens To Kill Classmates

A 16 year old student is accused of writing letters to classmates, threatening to kill them. The letters were turned into campus police at Mt. Pleasant High School Monday.

Parents say they're not happy about how the school is handling the situation.

"I was terrified 'cause everyone started calling me Friday morning telling me my son was the first one that this boy was saying he was going to take out," said Tasha Mickens.

At the time Tasha Mickens received those phone calls, she and the school say they only knew there were verbal threats against her son Carliss and several other students. But over the weekend, Tasha discovered the 16 year old suspect had allegedly given her son a note threatening to kill him.

The letter begins with reasons why the author thinks Carliss should die. He writes "he smiles too much and wants everyone to like him."

Then the suspect allegedly explains how Carliss should die: "I will crucify you, just as Jesus was. I would feel nothing but happiness. The devil is on my side."

Superintendent Ken English says the school also learned about all the threatening letters over the weekend. He says the campus police took immediate action, "They started an investigation on it during the weekend. First thing Monday and that led to our campus police arresting and charging the student with threatening the other students."

The suspect was sent to alternative school, which is located on the same campus as the high school. The superintendent says there is plenty of security at the alternative school, but Tasha says it's not enough.

"Yeah, they have supervision while in class but not before and after and that's not adequate enough for me. I love my child. I'm not going to bury my son," said Tasha.

Tasha says she's not angry at the suspect, but at the school, for not making sure he gets the kind of help he really needs.

The Mt. Pleasant High School campus police originally charged the 16 year old with making terroristic threats. They have since turned the case over to the county attorney where it remains under investigation.

Amy Tatum reporting.

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