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4/26/04 - Longview

Are Gas Prices As Bad As We Think They Are?

$1.63 and still counting. Do gas prices have you and your pocket book singing the blues? The cost of a full tank may not be as bad as you think... per gallon, that is.

"It's getting harder and harder to pay for gas," says David Fenlow. Kevin Hand agrees,"they're way too high. I'm working way too hard for too little and spending too much at the pumps."

Sure prices are higher than just a few weeks ago but how does it compare to say milk? There really isn't any comparison. While gas hovers somewhere around $1.63 to $1.67, milk is just under $4.50 a gallon.

"I think it's crazy but you have to have gas and you have to have milk," says Tonya McCasland.

By the gallon water it's actually a little cheaper than gasoline at $1.25. But if you go with the more popular bottled sized it's a little over $3 a gallon.

A gallon of laundry detergent will set you back nearly $9. A gallon of beer? It's more expensive too at an average of $5 a gallon. Try guzzling that.

Everyone enjoys a little gourmet coffee. But it'll cost you about $34 a gallon. Although we don't really recommend drinking a gallon of coffee.

So with all these items so much more than a gallon of gasoline why are we so busy complaining at the pumps?

"We've enjoyed incredibly low prices for a long time. It's always a problem when they go up," says Larry Tyler.

If all this is giving an upset stomach try a little Pepto Bismal, but it'll cost you about $94 a gallon.

Despite the comparison shopping we did, most everyone we spoke with say they still believe gas prices are too high. But there is a bit of good news. After hitting record highes for four weeks in a row, the average price for gasoline declined Monday by a penny.

Amy Tatum reporting.

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