Power Of Prayer: Lifepoint Fellowship

Power Of Prayer: Lifepoint Fellowship

By Dia Wall dwall@kltv.com

Steve Trammell came to what was once known as Dixie Baptist Church bright-eyed and optimistic out of seminary school.

The church then had a median age of 65 to 70 years old.

Steve told us "The question was asked, 'What are you going to do to reach younger families?' because we knew in 10 years, this church would probably not be able to sustain itself apart from figuring out how to reach the younger generation."

Curtis Nipp and his wife, who went to high school with Pastor Trammell, had just left their old church and decided to try what's now called Lifepoint Fellowship in Tyler.

"We came and it was a very, very traditional church. And we told him, met him, said hi to him and told him it really wasn't what we were looking for," Curtis said.

Steve says "I got up to preach, and I just looked out and thought all the flurry of activity we've done for three years, there's not a single person I can point to whose live has been changed."

That's when Trammell knew something had to change, and he threw out the idea of moving to a contemporary worship style.

There was some resistance to say the least.

Steve said, "A good example is, one of our deacons told me when we first started talking about all the changes that if there's a bunch of this or a bunch of this, talking about a freer worship style, I'm out of here."

Warren McLeod said, "That little anecdote that he told about this one individual in the church that was not really in support of his approach to worship was me! And I was adamant."

But the resistance was short-lived.

Warren said, "One of the incredible things God did when we started this contemporary service, he and his wife were one of the first couples to sign up saying, "you know what we're going to be part of that.'"

Originally, Pastor Trammell prayed for 30 people to start their new service.

The first day, they had 70.

Today, they have 200 young, vibrant visitors every week.

Steve says, "Now, we have this church that basically is just filled with life now. It was like a resurrection of a church that was dying.

Lifepoint Fellowship holds services every Sunday at 11 A.M., with bible studies beginning at 9:45.