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A Better East Texas: Prom Safety

By Pat Stacey

It seems that not a week goes by that we don't hear of a multi-vehicle accident, many times at night and sometimes involving alcohol. These are some of the most gruesome wrecks that first responders work because there, often times, is no action attempting to avoid the accident by the at-fault driver. They don't slow down or there is no evidence of reacting to the impending collision. This is also prom season and our young people will, deservedly, be experiencing the rite of passage from High School into adulthood. So this message is for the class of twenty-twelve. But considering the dangers, a moving vehicle is not place for a party. You have earned the right to move from student and child to adult and responsible member of society and your life will change if you make the decision to drink and drive. And just as irresponsible as drinking and driving is the false confidence of being sober but being distracted. It is just not worth it. So, as you prepare for the end of school consider the images of carnage that result when you make the wrong decision. I can promise that your parents will. All that said enjoy your prom and related activities and live to remember them with fond memories 20 years from now and beyond. You will be a better person having done so and you will make it a Better East Texas.

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