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School's in Session... On Weekend

The state's assessment tests begin this week and like all schools, Dogan Middle School in Tyler is working hard to get ready.

But at dogan, they're doing something a little different.  For the past five weeks they've held school on Saturday.

Social studies teacher Chantal Woodhull tries to encourage her students as often as she can. Especially come test time.

"I asked them would Saturday help?  Would Saturday help you advance in your study? I could explain things better,  we could do some practice tests, and they said yeah that's a good idea and that's where it was born."

After that hundreds of 7th and 8th graders began brushing up on math, social studies and reading and writing on a usual day off. It may be hard to believe but Dogan's Principal, James Bivins, said believe it.

"Students really do want to be successful and Saturday gives them a chance to come to school out of their uniform, a little more relaxed atmosphere it gives them more one on one with the teachers and then when they come back Monday and Tuesday they see that they are more success in the classes."

Mariana Lozano hopes that's true for her. She came to Tyler five years ago from Mexico. It's the first time she has to take the test and said she's ready.

"The teacher's help a lot because we got tutorials, Saturday school, and we learn," she said.  "This year I have to take (the test)... I hope I do well."

Mrs. Woodhull hopes she does well too, and said she doesn't mind giving up her Saturdays to make sure that happens.

"They're very good kids, I just love them to death.. It's a winning combination in my mind.

The TAKS tests will be given across the State this Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Chris Gibson, reporting 

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