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04/23/04 - Tyler

Changing Our World: The Alexanders

Between them, Jim and Pat Alexander have spent more than 30 years as school teachers and administrators. Even though they retired two years ago, the Alexanders continue to teach some very special classes. Pat says dogs are her passion, so when she and her husband Jim retired, they developed a curriculum on pet education and now, volunteer their time taking the instruction to local schools. With the backing of the Humane Society, the Alexanders teach lessons they hope children will share with their parents. Jim makes the props and felt boards for each lesson, while Pat brings along stuffed animals for demonstration. But the biggest hit of each class is when the real animals arrive. It's pretty much a fact that most kids love animals, but that love doesn't always translate into responsible care, without guidance. By teaching love, respect and care for all god's creatures, Jim and Pat Alexander are Changing Our World.

Joan Hallmark, reporting.
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