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04/22/04 - Longview

Gilmer Missing Case Still Unsolved

Rumors of a discovery in a 12 year old missing persons case in Gilmer are unfounded. The arrest of businessman Joe Henry of Gilmer has created renewed interest and numerous phone calls to the Gilmer police department, on the disappearance of a 17 year old girl in 1992.

"I've received a lot of phone calls generated, 'Is Joe Henry a suspect, do we have a suspect?'" says investigator John Warren of the Gilmer police. In 1992 Kelly Wilson worked at a video store on Buffalo street, and that's the last place she was seen alive.

Her car was found with a flat tire in the parking area, and over the years, an army of investigators have tried to solve the mystery. "What everyone needs to understand is when we solve the missing persons case, it may lead us to a homicide.  This case may lead to another you don't know," Warren says.

Adding to confusion, a mysterious anonymous letter sent to Gilmer police in January told of a specific site where police would find Wilson's body, but it was unfounded. "It named a specific location, but nothing was found at that location," says Warren.

And the recent death of a one time prime suspect, Wilson's ex-boyfriend, fueled more wild rumors of Wilson's body being found.

"Kelly Wilson's body has not been found, with the arrest of Joe Henry there are a lot of wild rumors floating around.  The arrest had nothing to do with the Kelly Wilson case".

The FBI and Gilmer police are still investigating the case.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.

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