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04/22/04 - Tyler

Mustangs Invade East Texas

Many of you may have seen them today, East Texas was invaded by a herd of mustangs. Of course, they were Ford Mustangs; 280 of them to be exact. It was part of The Great American Pony Drive, a seven-week tour of the United States by Mustang enthusiasts from around the world. The group made a stop for lunch this afternoon at the Rose Garden in Tyler.

"I've never experienced anything like this before and I probably won't again," said Barry Featherston, a Mustang owner who came all the way from New Zealand. "And, by the time I end the trip, I'm going right through to Washington D.C., and I think by the time I finish there, I'll go with memories that I'll never, ever forget."

The group is caravanning to Dallas from Nashville, Tennessee, the site of the Mustang's 40th anniversary celebration.

Kevin Berns, reporting

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