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WEB EXCLUSIVE: Cross-shaped flower bed creates tension in neighborhood

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - After years of complaints, the cross-shaped flower bed in Heath Lake Park has been reshaped into a rectangle. Most of the complaints came from Mavis Middleton.

"She [Mavis Middleton] doesn't hold back and she was very concerned from the constitutional perspective. She was very persistent in her views and in this instance she was correct, "says Columbus Mayor Teresa Tomlinson.

Due to the change, people began posting their opinions on the Mayor Tomlinson's facebook page. Some of the comments were calling the decision stupid.  However, the mayor says this decision was not based on the opinion of one person, but the ruling of the courts.

"In 1983, the federal court which controls this area of the United States ruled it was unconstitutional to have any religious symbol maintained in a public park," said Mayor Tomlinson. "The city has to live by the legal requirements and application of the United States constitution."

Groups will still be allowed to have service in the park as long as they do not leave any symbols behind.

All of this is on the heels of the Ten Commandments bill being passed in the House in early March.

The bill will allow copies of the Ten Commandment to be posted on walls in state buildings, including schools.

Representatives are still waiting for Governor Deal to sign it into law.

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