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Magic Mesh: "Does it Work?"


We are in that narrow weather window in Texas where you might just want to leave the doors open and let the breeze in your home. That's probably why we've heard from so many of you wanting "Does It Work?" to test the Magic Mesh.

The Magic Mesh is a temporary, portable screen "door" that uses 18 powerful magnets and 12 Velcro strip (hook & loop pair) to create a automatically closing door that opens hands-free as well. 

There's an option to attach it to the trim around your doorway using the included thumb tacks.  We used the included black Velcro strips, which we must say, are not very attractive.@@

We put six strips (three pair) across each half of the door along the top edge and six down each side.   The magnets hold the Magic Mesh halves together in the middle.

We had a lot of trouble getting the magnets to line up.  We made several adjustments to the Velcro positioning to get the magnets aligned so they even had the chance to snap together after being separated.  And the gaps left in the middle of Magic Mesh meant insects could fly through into the house.

It just did not open and close consistently.  We made so many adjustments to get it just right, the trim holding the adhesive Velcro at the top started fraying. 

Also, if you have a metal door, the magnets will stick to it and that will keep the Magic Mesh from closing.

Every once in a while it would work.  But every once in a while is not good enough for "Does It Work?" or your money.  We give it the Magic Mesh a NO. 

Magic Mesh is $14.99 at Bed, Bath and Beyond.

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