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04/20/04 - Upshur County

Three Arrested In Upshur County Killing

Three Upshur County men were arrested and charged with murder Tuesday.

Upshur County Sheriff Anthony Betterton said 24-Jason Baughman, 28-year old Jeremy Narramore, and 33-year old Scott Narramore killed 32-year-old Joe Nickelbur early Monday. The Narramores are brothers.

Authorities were turned onto the body by a rancher checking on some cattle Monday near Cherokee Trace road. He called after finding the body of an adult man intact. When deputies arrived, the head had been cut off and the body burned. Authorities were able to track the men down by a car seen near where the body was found. After interviewing the suspects, authorities were able to find the decapitated head. The three men were arrested Tuesday morning at a home in Gilmer.

They each have a bond of $1 million.

Chris Gibson, reporting

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