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04/19/04 - Smith County

Make-A-Wish Foundation Grants Smith County Boy's Wish

Like many 4-year-olds, Jose likes "The Wiggles": a children's variety show.

Unlike most 4-year-olds, Jose must breath with a trach and be fed through a tube.

"If you didn't see the tracheotomy you'd never know anything was wrong with him," his mother Rhonday says. "He runs around here and plays just like a typical 4 year old."

Jose has undergone so many medical procedures that at one point he suffered post traumatic stress disorder and would scream when he saw a white coat.

But today, there are only the sounds of laughter and joyful smiles. Jose's old play area is now his "Wiggle" room.

Piece by piece, the finishing touches were put on his special room. The process began in February and today was finally complete... All without Jose taking a peak.

"He knew it was a surprise. I mean he would catch little glimpse of the door that it was painted, but he never tried to go in there because he knew it would be a big surprise for him," Rhonda says.

Though he may not taste the cake that is part of his celebration, he can have a taste of his own little slice of heaven, something that his grandmother, Henrietta, says he has already given them.

"He's just a blessing. I thank God everyday for him. We have people tell us, 'You all are so wonderful for doing that,' but he has far given us more than we could ever give him," she says.

Jose's family hopes his medical outlook is as bright and vibrant as the paint on the walls of his new room.

Story by Maya Golden

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