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04/19/04 - Near Gladewater

Neighbors Say They Never Knew Of Alleged Crimes

"I saw the boys growing up. I think they were six or seven when they moved in."

Pat Moores lives right next door to where twins Russel and Randal Harty grew up, and where they still live.

"From what I've seen, they had a natural childhood. Boys will be boys, they did their little things that other boys do."

She and others on this small road are shocked about what the twins are accused of doing.

Randal Harty is a convicted sex offender. He was convicted of indecent exposure toward a child in 2001. He was given one year probation. Last May, he was arrested for possession of child pornography. On probation for three years, he was arrested for loitering in the parking lot of Spring Hill Junior High last week. His probation banned him from contact with children.

His twin, Russel, was arrested in January for exposing himself to a 13-year-old girl at a Longview parking lot. His bond: $10,000 awaiting trial. But last Monday, he was arrested at Longview's Cato clothing store for using a mirror to spy on a teenage girl in a dressing room. On Friday, his bond for the earlier arrest was revoked.

"We've got a little girl who lived on the hill [down the road], and I don't know if [the crimes] involve little boys or not, but we've got little boys up here and I'm highly concerned about that, and it's spooky," says neighbor Moores.

She says kids are all around this neighborhood, and it has her and others keeping a more watchful eye on them.

Because you never know who's living close by.

"My daughter was looking up on the Internet and there are 76 sex offenders listed for Gladewater."

(For a link to find if a neighbor is a registered sex offender, click here.)

Morgan Palmer, reporting.

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