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04/18/04 - Longview

Harrison County Cemetery Vandalized

     A shocking discovery for some Harrison county residents , as a small community cemetery is vandalized. What Jimmy Sanders found when he came to tend a family cemetery off of Talley road Sunday morning was something he could hardly believe headstones knocked over and beer bottles strewn about .

    "It's sad its ridiculous there's other places they could have built a fire in the road out there," said Sanders. Numerous Talley road area residents have family and friends buried in friendship cemetery, and where angered to hear that a group of people had camped out over night and had a party.  They were drinking, knocking over dozens of head stones, and crushing ornaments and flowers.

    "For someone to come to a cemetery and party, knock over tombstones that really upset me, I have family here," said area resident Tammy Irvin.

    "That would be the last place I'd ever think to go party, over the dead, I would certainly give them more respect than that," said area resident Leslie Maxey. Sheriffs deputies came to investigate, and were given a piece of evidence.  Police found that someone had left a credit card receipt at the campsite. Sheriff's deputies are still investigating.

Bob Hallmark reporting.

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