Power Of Prayer: Mystery Turns To Miracle

Power Of Prayer: Mystery Turns To Miracle

By Dia Wall dwall@kltv.com

Suzanne Sanders and her husband had a perfectly normal pregnancy, and no indication that anything was wrong.

But when their son Joshua was born, he seemed unresponsive.

Suzanne told us "When he was born, he could only move his fingertips, he was on a feeding tube, he aspirated all consistencies. He couldn't really look left or right. It seemed as though his brain wasn't functioning right at all.

Joshua was tested multiple times, but doctors found nothing.

"We were at a loss. Honestly we were mourning a child that we thought was going to be a normal, healthy child. Which, we absolutely love Joshua and we're thankful for him, and God has shown us many things through the struggles, but it was hard at first. It was really depressing because they told us he may not live to be a year old," Suzanne said.

While she was in the hospital, Suzanne and her family were surrounded by their family at Mobberly Baptist Church and received countless prayer cards.

"From all over the United States; New Jersey, West Virginia, North Carolina, coast to coast really from people we didn't even know. People sent us encouragement, people brought us meals, they loved on us in so many ways and extended arms to us," Suzanne said.

On his fifth birthday, Joshua, who had been in a wheelchair almost his whole life, wanted to take his first steps.

His church had a birthday party for him, with cake and a pair of tennis shoes made for walking.

Suzanne told us "He put the tennis shoes on, and then he put his hands on his knees and he got out of his wheelchair and he walked."

Josh said "I was happy, and I wanted to do it a couple more times and start to do it.  I used to be on the ground a little lower and I wanted to look up a little higher and get with my friends and be able to run and stuff."

Now,  Joshua is a vibrant and sharp 8 year-old.

He tested into Hudson Pep in Longview and he dreams of becoming an inventor.

Suzanne said "He's come light years away from the things that they told us before. And we went to four states and they still have no diagnosis. So there's no prognosis because we have no diagnosis."

Suzanne went on to say "We have so many struggles, everybody has struggles, that was our mountain. Whatever your mountain is, God can take those impossibilities, those mountains, and He can move them. There's nothing impossible with God. Nothing. "

Mobberly Baptist Church has an online prayer resource available.

Visit mobberlybaptistchurch.org and you can list your prayer requests publicly or anonymously.

You can also call 903-759-PRAY.