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04/16/04 - Longview

Twins Banned from Longview Area School

  Twin brothers have been banned from a school campus, one a registered sex offender, the other was arrested this week for spying on girls in a store dressing room. 20 year old Randal Harty was questioned by school officials after he was spotted lurking around the Spring Hill junior high campus around 2 p-m Thursday.

   "When we see somebody that we don't know, don't recognize then we become worried about the safety of our students" said Spring Hill junior high principal David Reed. Randal Harty is a registered sex offender who was on parole from Upshur County after pleading guilty to child pornography charges, and police were quickly on the scene to investigate.

  What got school officials attention is the fact that Harty had pulled into a handicapped parking space with his truck facing forward, got out and instead of checking into the office, began to walk on campus. Hartys twin brother Russel had been arrested Monday on and indecency charge for watching women while they changed clothes in a Longview shop.

     "In one weeks time we've dealt with both of them .. They've had their opportunities to meet with law enforcement in the past" said James Johnson of the Longview police. After learning of the 2 brothers, the school district and police banned the pair from all spring hill campuses.

    "I'm very pleased with the way our personnel intervened... And in doing so in think prevented any further incident from happening" said Reed. One of the conditions of Harty's probation is that he is prohibited from using a computer, the Internet, and associating with anyone under the age of 17 outside of his family.

    Upshur County probation officials are looking into whether Randal Harty has violated his parole. Bob Hallmark, Reporting.

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