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4/16/04 - Tyler

East Texan Worried About Her Civilian Dad in Iraq

For Dusti Davis, going about her everyday business has become somewhat of a chore. Hanging over her head is the constant worry for her dad, David Davis, who is working in Iraq as a civilian.

"I talked to him the other night, and he told me it was getting a whole lot worse," said Davis.

The details are sketchy.  Her dad can't tell her much.  All she knows is, he is working for a subsidiary of Halliburton, in charge of plumbing at a U.S. compound in Mosul. He is being protected by the 10th Mountain Brigade.

"I asked him why? Why would you want to do this?" said Davis.  "Why would you want to go somewhere, that you know is being bombed, and it's really bad over there? I said why would you want to do that? And he said he has to do it. It's just something he has to do."

Halliburton has around 24,000 employees on the ground in Iraq and Kuwait.  30 Halliburton workers have been killed since the Iraq war began.  7 are missing.  As a result, Dusti finds it hard to pick up the newspaper or turn on the television.

"I always worry that it's him, or that it is someone I know. So I try not to watch it," said Davis.

Dusti recently received some good news when her brother, John Davis, returned home after a year in Iraq with the army. She says, one down, one to go.

"I just try to take it day-by-day," said Davis.  "Just do the best I can and keep my head up and keep praying for him, and they know that I'm here for them and that I'm supporting them."

Dusti says her dad is scheduled to be home for a week in June. His one year stay in Iraq ends in November.

Kevin Berns reporting.

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