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4/15/04 - Austin

Governor Perry Calls School Finance Special Session

Almost any state legislator will tell you, the Texas school funding system is broken. The debate comes when you start to discuss how to fix the ailing Robin Hood "share the wealth" system.

Governor Rick Perry has scheduled a special session on the issue which begins Tuesday. Today we talked with the governor by satellite about the plan he's put on the table.

"The plan I've laid out provides an average increase of 375 dollars for every child we educated in our public schools, and a property tax cut that would give the owner of an average sized home a 418 dollar reduction in their school taxes. This plan also provides permanent property tax relief because it will stop the appraisals from skyrocketing and limit how much property tax revenue local governments can raise. These measures will save the owner of an average priced home, roughly 800 dollars a year between now and 2010. And I want to give Texans the opportunity to vote on a constitutional amendment that will meet the goal of cutting school property taxes in half. This plan provides schools and additional 2.5 billion dollars. And it gives property taxpayers meaningful and permanent tax relief," says Perry.

The governor's plan involves a so called "sin tax" on things like cigarettes, video gambling and other adult entertainment. He also wants to close loopholes in the state franchise tax and the motor vehicle tax.

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