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4/15/04 - Chapel Hill

Family Remembers Forgotten Items in Fire

"I woke up to noise and lights coming through my carport door window," Marile Haynes, homeowner, said.

It's the second fire in 12 years for the Haynes family.

"Kind of at a loss right now because we've got so much to do," Marile said. "It's kind of a shock waking up to your house on fire."

Marile, her husband, and their two children got out safely, along with their three cats.

"We lost some fish in a couple of aquariums, and that was it," Marile said in tears. "But we feel real lucky. Just rebuild. You can replace a car. You can replace a piece of furniture. But it's something someone's made for you or given you, and they're not here anymore, you can't replace that."

One thing brightening the Haynes family's day is the simple joy 9-year-old Britton finds in locating her buried belongings. She never stopped smiling.

"Oh, your angel is still alive," Britton told her mother.

"That's from the nativity," Marile replied.

"Oh, it got burnt a little, but Oma can fix that," Britton said. "She can make it gold."

"It's a little bit cracked," Marile said.

Marile's garden is reduced to ashes: green beans, rosemary, and tomatoes just planted this spring. It's the first garden she has grown in three years.

"You forget you have stuff until you start sifting through all of the charcoal, and you come across stuff that you didn't know was up there," Marile said.

But the Haynes are just content their loved ones are okay.

"Guardian angel," Marile said. "God is good."

The Haynes say their neighbors, co-workers, and friends have been very generous in helping them clean up.

Fire officials have not determined the cause of the fire, but say it likely started from an electrical line.

Julie Tam, reporting.

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