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4/14/04 - Tyler

Taco Bell Employee Fired After Robbery

Jessica Jones, shift manager for the Taco Bell on SSW Loop 323 at Hwy 31, called in to work last night to find out what her new schedule would be, but instead, found out she was not on the schedule at all.

"The supervisor and the other owner decided that they had terminated me 'cause of violation of company policy," Jones said.

Taco Bell District Manager Yousef Dmairi declined to appear on camera, but confirmed Jones "was fired because she violated security policy" by turning off the lights in the front area and letting an employee open the back door at night.

"If we were to go out the front door, apparently they were still waiting on us anyway," Jones said.

Dmairi says "she is also a suspect. They're all suspects." He would not comment on the other two employees, but says Jones' actions the night of the robbery were very suspicious.

"That really bothers me, you know, because the money that they got wasn't even worth it," Jones said. "Nothing was worth what they did and put all three of us through what they did."

Dmairi says Jones had been fired once before by another Taco Bell, but he hired her to give her another chance.

"That really bothers me to think that he would think that I would actually do something like that," Jones said. "You know, if I had set it up to have somebody bust me in my lip like that man did, no, huh uh."

Jones says Taco Bell does little to ensure the safety of its employees, providing only panic buttons and a faulty security procedure. And Dmairi says the security cameras were taken out a few years ago, although the sign warning would-be robbers is still there.

"That was the first thing the policemen asked for, you know, was there videos." Jones said. "And you know, we have nothing to show them."

Now Jones says she's just going to wait and try to figure out what to do next.

"It's rough," she said. "It's rough 'cause I've been with this company so long.

Dmairi says the Taco Bell's in this area have had a history of robberies, some of which turned out to be inside jobs. Taco Bell officials say they're investigating that possibility in this case. Tyler police are still trying to develop suspects.

Julie Tam, reporting.

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