KLTV Apps: Email Alerts

Email is an easy way to stay connected to KLTV. We offer a wide variety of emails to keep you informed.


StormTracker Personal Forecast is a daily email tailored just for you! When you sign up you'll enter your zip code, and every day the StormTracker Weather Team serves up the forecast for the Weather Where You Live. Click here to sign up.

Have allergies? Then the KLTV Pollen Count is perfect for you. Every day, Chief Meteorologist Mark Scirto sends out a detailed list of allergen levels floating around in the air in East Texas. Click here to sign up.


Breaking News - Know exactly which stories are making headlines in East Texas. Get the news straight to your inbox! Click here to sign up.

Afternoon Headlines - Afternoon Headlines delivers the hottest stories on the web and a preview of what's coming up on KLTV 7 News at 5 & 6. Afternoon Headlines is the most popular "headline" email from KLTV. Check it out! Click here to sign up.

Evening Headlines - Connect with KLTV's Anissa Centers every weeknight. Anissa offers a preview of stories coming up tonight on KLTV 7 News at 10, as well as sharing the best stuff on KLTV.comClick here to sign up.