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WEB EXCLUSIVE: Swiped necklace found in Georgia woman's mailbox

ALBANY, GA - A South Georgia woman  thanked the man who returned her prized diamond necklace and has no interest in prosecuting the woman who stole it.

We told you in a breaking news e-mail this morning that the stolen necklace was returned after we showed the theft on video last night.

The owner accidentally left the necklace on a counter at ChikFilA and another woman walked up and stuck it in her bag.

Pat Eubanks said just about an hour after our story last night, she got a phone call from a man who refused to identify himself.   By 9:30 she had her necklace back.

The prized gift her late husband gave her 50 years ago is back around Pat Eubanks' neck.

 Eubanks said "I'm a happy, happy woman. I am so happy I got my necklace back."

Wednesday we showed you this surveillance video where Eubanks mistakenly left that necklace on the counter of an Albany Mall restaurant. A woman picked up the box, looked inside, and after looking around to see if anyone was watching, stuck it in her purse. An hour and a half after the story aired Eubanks phone rang.

Eubanks said "It was a man, and he said is this the lady who lost the necklace. And I said no, this is the lady that's necklace got stolen."

The man on the phone said the necklace would be returned and hung up. About 9 the phone rang again, and the man told her the necklace was in her mailbox. Sure enough her prized necklace was in two envelopes in the mailbox. A few minutes later the phone rang again, as the man was checking to make sure she had it. And Eubanks thanked him.

Eubanks said "But I am so thankful that you gave me my necklace back. And he said your welcome. Click."

The man would never identify himself. Today Eubanks said she thinks the thief returned the necklace because she was scared.

Eubanks said "I hope she thinks twice before she ever does anything like that again. And I think she will. Because I think she was very surprised to see it on TV."

And Eubanks says she will never misplace that diamond again.

Eubanks said "It's going to be on my necklace or it's going to be in my safe. It's not going anywhere else, unless I'm attached to it."

For Eubanks, a happy ending.

True to her word, Pat Eubanks says she has no interest in prosecuting the woman who took her necklace.

Albany Police say since Eubanks does not want to press charges, they will declare their investigation "exceptionally cleared."

As for the woman who took it, she'll probably sleep a little better tonight.

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