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4/13/04 - East Texas

Wild Pig Problem Increasing in East Texas?

They have been reeking havoc on East Texas farms and pastures, and the problem may only be getting worse.

Wild pigs are being seen more and more in East Texas. A survey by Texas Cooperative Extension shows four out of five rural landowners have seen them on their land. The problems are also financial. Van Zandt County Extension Agent Bryan Cummins said sweet potato farmers there are seeing big losses.

"You're talking about a crop that they spend $800 to $1,000 dollars out of pocket expense to put in, and they were showing several hundred thousand dollars damage each year."

Cummins said that damage totaled more than $300,000 in 2001-2002. To try and curb those losses, the county began paying a $7 bounty on the wild pigs a year ago. They have already had a thousand turned in this year.

Officials chalk the high numbers up to an increased human population. It is estimated there are around 2 million wild pigs statewide.

Chris Gibson, reporting

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