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4/13/04 - Mt. Vernon

Mother Of Fallen Soldier Speaks Out About U.S. Presence In Iraq

The last couple of weeks in Iraq has seen a rise in violence against both military and civilians. That has some questioning why our troops are still there.

Last week Kim Sine of Mt. Vernon buried her son Michael. He was killed when an explosive device blew up the army vehicle he was riding in near Fallujah.

"Michael enjoyed life. Michael only did what he believed in doing," says Kim.

Tuesday Kim Sine spoke of her son.  She says she's staying strong because she knows her son believed in what he died for. "He was proud of what he was doing. He was very, very proud of what he was doing. He believed in what he was doing and he supported what we were doing over there and he supported President Bush," said Kim.

Michael was home in December. At that time he reconfirmed to his mother his strong trust in President Bush even though they both knew the violence was already getting worse.

"He saw what it was like and came home and told me, 'mom we need to be there,' then I believe him. Because he told me that, then I have to believe him.  If not, then it would be a disservice to my son's memory.  I don't have any anger, I'm not bitter, I believe that we're over there for a reason. It probably will get worse but the part that makes it hard for me is that we're supposedly not at war and I don't understand that phrase.  We are at war," said Kim.

It was a war that took her son's life but it could not not take away her pride in who he was. "For me to see the man that he turned out to be I'm very, very proud of that. I'm very very proud that he chose to defend our nation."

Kim says she remains stedfast in her trust of President Bush and what our troops are trying to accomplish in Iraq.

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