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WEB EXCLUSIVE: Georgia woman wants help finding lost necklace

ALBANY, GA - An Edison woman is desperately trying to get back her prized diamond necklace, one with priceless sentimental value.

She left it on a counter in a restaurant at the Albany Mall and it disappeared and another woman took it.

It was all caught on tape. The heartbroken woman doesn't even want to file charges. She just wants her necklace back. That necklace was a very special gift to Pat Eubanks, and she has been working daily for more than 3 weeks trying to get it back. Now she is asking your help.

Take a look at this surveillance video from the Albany Mall Chick Fil A April 6th at 5:50 PM. Pat Eubanks is at the counter, and you can see the small box she lays on the counter. Inside, a necklace her husband gave her nearly 50 years ago.

Eubanks said "It was the first piece of jewelry he ever gave me besides my rings."

Calvin Eubanks and Pat were married 49 years before he died in 2009. The one carat solitary diamond on a gold chain was a treasure, and took it to the Mall to have it's clasp repaired. She can't believe she left it lying on the counter.

Eubanks said "When I went to pay I just forgot to put the thing back in my pocket book and left it laying there."

But watch what happens when Eubanks left. That woman on the back wall walks to the counter and puts her purse by the box, while she orders. She picks up the box and looks inside, and then looks all around the restaurant. Then closes the box and puts it in her purse. The next day Eubanks returned searching for the necklace, and the surveillance video showed what happened.

Eubanks said "When I saw it, tears just rolled. I could not believe that a grown woman would do that. I want to be trusting."

Albany Police ask you to look at this woman, and report her if you know who she is. Eubanks thinks the woman just decided she wanted the necklace when she saw what it was.   But hopes now she will bring it back.

Eubanks said "I do have hope. I've been praying and praying and praying. I have prayed that the girl will, her conscience will bother her so bad that she'll do that. She'll bring it back."

Pat Eubanks says no questions asked, she just wants her necklace back, and is holding out hope and working daily to get it back. Now she is asking your help.

Eubanks said the necklace is worth more than two thousand dollars, but it's not what it cost, it's where it came from that makes it valuable to her. And she is praying to get it back.

If you can identify that woman in the surveillance video, call CRIMESTOPPERS at 436-TIPS. You can stay anonymous and earn a reward for your information.

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