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04/11/04 - Longview

Longview Iraq Soldier Home for Easter

It was a special reunion for one east Texas soldier as he made it home in time for Easter. Army specialist Trey Yates is home after a year deployment in Iraq, a special homecoming he planned so he could spend Easter with his family.

"Obviously it feels great to be around my family especially on the holiday, the importance of the holiday to our family. I couldn't have asked for better timing," says Yates.

Part of the first cavalry, Yates has served in Baghdad with his brother Cris, who is also home in Fort Polk. The family is overjoyed to have both back stateside.

"I can't convey what the last years been like or how proud we are of him," says mother Stephanie Powell. There is something else the family has noticed, Trey is different now. He is no longer the boy who went off to war, now he is a war hardened veteran.

"They were born , I washed them as kids, and then watched them leave, and when they came back they came back as men," says father Harold Powell.

"The biggest part of becoming a soldier is overcoming fear," says Yates. Yates hopes people will, in time, see how important the armies job in Iraq has been.

Yates is waiting for orders from the army that could send him either to Korea or back to Iraq.

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