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04/09/04 - Tyler

Women's Self Defense Class

The women's self-defense class was put on after a woman was attacked in Tyler's Rose Rudman Park one month ago. The man who was instrumental in starting the class is also the one who helped rescue the woman attacked in the park.

Michael Lowrance was running at Rose Rudman Park when he saw a woman fighting to get away from her attacker. He came to her rescue. That incident gave him the idea to equip women with self-defense skills, so, he suggested Tyler Kung Fu and Fitness start a free class.

Owner Brandon Jones did just that, with the help of Lowrance and his other Kung Fu students. Michael Lowrance said, "I think it's just a really good thing that I'm able to use what I do for fun to help other people."

They're teaching these women, there are certain places to hit an attacker, in order to get away. "The throat, the eyeballs, the groin, the soloplex, the ears, the nose, the neck. We teach them soft areas where to hit that, no matter how strong a person is, you're going to hurt them," said Jones.

Student-teacher Kathryn Garcia says, although she's petite, she knows she can defend herself.

"Mme going against him, I would have no chance if I just had brute strength. You know, I'm not anywhere as strong as him. But here, we learn how to use our waist, and that increases your strength so much. And you just have to keep practicing and practicing."

Practice is exactly what one TISD school teacher says she will do.

"I feel much better. Even though it takes so much time to remember each step, at least if I was attacked, it's somewhere in the back of my mind, and I've done it, and I can bring the information back to the front so much more easily," said Amy Mahurin.

Tyler Kung Fu and Fitness is offering more free classes. One is Tuesday, April 20th at 6:30 p.m. It has not filled up, but you need to hurry because spaces are going fast.

You can find a link to their website by going back to the home page and clicking on the Know More on 7 icon. Look for the Kung Fu and Fitness link.

Julie Tam, reporting.
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