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Candidate Profile: John Graves

With the Texas Congressional District 1 runoff election scheduled for Tuesday, we decided to profile the two remaining Republican candidates, John Graves of Longview, and Louie Gohmert of Tyler.  Tonight, we met up with John Graves.

 "It is non-stop activity just trying to cover all 13 counties," said Graves.

Such is the challenge of Congressional District 1 candidate John Graves.  An AMBUCS luncheon filled this afternoon in Longview. The message tailored to fit the businessmen present, included Graves' thoughts on President Bush's tax cuts. He hails three major tax cuts over the past century, which resulted in long term economic stimulus as reason enough to make the latest round permanent.

"There were 308,000 new jobs last month which shocked everyone and we're starting to see the effects of this coming in as we're coming into the tax season," Graves said.  

Graves states in a campaign ad, "I want to take my ten years of enforcing federal legislation for the seniors in this district to Washington."

Medicare and seniors take center stage in one of his latest campaign ads. He feels the most needy and those with catastrophic needs should be the focal point of the prescription drug security plan to keep the costs down. His answer for Medicare is not to throw money at it, but to plan smart and be prepared for change.

"What happens in a federal government is that they start a program and they let it run for 40 years without anyone looking at it," said Graves, "and something I proposed in my economic plan is that every five to ten years, these things are reformed. And if we need reform there, which is what we need in this area, then it needs to happen."

On the issue of homeland security, Graves feels securing the borders should be made easier by getting different agencies efficiently working together.

"We need to slow down people who are coming in and out of this country," said Graves.  "It's been very loose, and very lax, and we live in a different time after 9/11 and those need to be tightened until we get up to speed so when a person walks into this country, we can check every agency and know whether this person's got a history to want to harm this country."

The fifth-generation East Texan has practiced law for ten years in the area, and now hopes to take his experience and conservative beliefs and principles to Washington.

The runoff election is Tuesday April 13.

Kevin Berns reporting.  

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