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Gift Of Love: Catherine, Joey and Rachel

There's nothing quite like a sibling bond. You can see it with these children; Catherine, Joey and Rachel. "They take care of each other. They've been through several placements and we've managed to keep them all together, which is fortunate, and I just think they're very attached and supportive of each other," says Courtney Duck, the children's Child Protective Services case worker.

Catherine is the oldest. She's nine. She's shy and reserved, but friendly. Courtney says, "She's very sweet and affectionate. She's a very feminine little girl."

Joey is 8. He'll need the most attention. He's on medication for his behavior and needs frequent redirection. His sisters call him buddy. Rachel says, "Buddy is a little wild and gets in trouble sometimes and I get in trouble sometimes, but most of the time Buddy does."

Rachel is 7 years old. She's taken on the role of caregiver. "She's more the spokesperson of the three. She has a tendency to take over conversations, if you let her," explain Courtney.

Today, they're all smiles, but about a year and a half ago, it was a much different story. They were removed from their home and placed in foster care because of chronic neglect. "Their home was very filthy. They weren't fed properly, bathed properly and the home conditions were horrendous. They had lice chronically." Courtney goes on to say, "They weren't attending school either. The parents didn't take them to school often."

These siblings appear ready for a new home with a forever family. Rachel says, "I knew that I wanted to get adopted. I knew that so I don't have to keep on moving to different places and stuff. I don't like moving around 'cause I have to go to a different town and it's a long way."

These siblings need a structured home. They do best when they know what's expected. While taking on three children is a lot, giving the Gift of Love is priceless. "I think it will be a significant challenge, but a rewarding one. I mean, I think they're a very good bunch of children. They are active and you'll need someone who can keep up with their pace, but I think they are wonderful children with a lot of potential," says Courtney.

For these children, getting to grow up together would be a dream come true. Rachel sums it up by saying, "I love 'em and that's it."

If you'd like to know more about Catherine, Joey and Rachel, call our Gift of Love hotline. The toll free number is 1-888-kids-275.

Gillian Sheridan, reporting.

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