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04/07/04 - Tyler

Keith Laney Sets Record Straight With New Tape

Setting the record straight.  That's the motivation behind an audio tape released today, detailing Keith Laney's reaction to finding out his wife, Deanna, had just killed their kids. One of the first deputies to respond to the scene recorded the incident on his two-way radio. The tape was made available with the consent of Keith and the Smith County District Attorney's Office.

On the tape, Keith could be heard asking, "Where's Arron? Where's Josh? Where's Luke? Dee, what is wrong? No! No! No! No!"

With that, Keith  learned the fate of his three boys. Joshua and Luke were killed. Little Arron will never be the same. All three beaten with rocks by their mother, his wife, Deanna Laney.

On the tape, Keith can be heard breaking the news to his mother.  "Mom, I woke up, my three kids. Dee killed my three kids!  All three of them momma. What do I do? The sheriff's department woke me up. All three of my babies are dead!"

Keith Laney and Smith County DA Matt Binghham feel there have been some unfair assumptions in the national media. Some news reports have clearly implied,  If something was wrong with Deanna, Keith would have known about it. But he didn't. That's why Laney and Bingham feel it's important to let the public hear the grief Keith experienced.

"I think when you hear the tape, you realize that this was just, I mean, just horrific for him," said Bingham.  "This was not something that he knew was going to happen. He just woke up with the sheriff's deputies in the house. He at the time believes, you hear on the tape, that all three of his kids have been killed, totally unaware that any of this is going on."

Keith on the tape said, "Why? No! Why? No! Why man? Oh god! This is a bad dream. That's all I have in this whole world."

Deanna Laney is now on her way to a mental health institution for evaluation, and faces the possibility of never being released. Keith Laney faces the prospect of raising a brain-damaged child as a single father, and picking up what few pieces remain from his life.

"I can't talk for Keith, but I know that's a man who loved his boys," said Bingham, "He's had a lot to deal with.  Arron is going to be someone, for the rest of his life is going to need the assistance of someone else. And I know in talking to Keith, that Keith is going to give that to him as long as he is around to do it."

Bingham says the tape was never admitted into evidence because Deanna Laney's voice could not be heard on it. He says it would have been admitted during any potential sentecing phase, if the trial had come to that.

Kevin Berns, reporting.

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