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'It was a remarkable display of God's love in human form'


If you've ever wondered what it's like to love and be loved, just ask Julia Thurber.

She's an honors student at LeTourneau University who's battling stage four Hodgkin's Lymphoma cancer.

She's going through chemotherapy and recently had to shave off what was left of her hair.

Julia's friends in the honors program decided to do something pretty extreme so she wouldn't feel so alone.

Dr. Annie Olson says she knew all of the students in the honors program had shown fellow student Julia Thurber a lot of support as she fought cancer but this surprised her.

"I was just amazed," she said, "They blew me away. They blew me away that would show that kind of support for Julia."

After chemotherapy started causing bits of her hair to fall out, Julia decided to go ahead and shave it.

Her friends in the honors program followed suit.

Dr. Olson read an entry into Julia's blog about the experience:

When I got my head shaved Monday, I felt an odd sense of relief. I'm much happier with a shaved head than with hair that's falling out. I know God did a lot of work on my heart for me to be okay with having no hair. He is so good.

This is what Julia wrote about her friends:

When I saw them on Skype that night… bald headed brothers and sisters in Christ. It was a remarkable display of God's love in human form.

"Julia's amazing, said fellow student Renee Sprinkle, "she's beautiful with or without her hair. And, we love her."

And, this is why they love her so much:

"When I talked to her yesterday, she was like 'yeah, I'm praying for your biology test and I'm praying for finals and I hope that all of that stuff gets in on time,' I thinking, 'gee, you're the one in the hospital today and you're praying for me,'" said Renee.

So, for these beautifully bald friends, pulling out the clippers was easy to do.

Julia's friends donated their hair to the 'Pink Hearts' program.

They chose the Pink Hearts program because it gave Julia a free wig.

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