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04/06/04 - Tyler

Deanna Laney Sent To A Mental Hospital

The focus of lawyers and doctors is now not on the stoning of Deanna Laney's three boys. It's about the Chapel Hill mother's future.

This new phase of the Laney case began in Tyler court Tuesday.

Judge Cynthia Kent sent Laney to a maximum security mental hospital in North Texas. There, she'll be evaluated for a few weeks, before she comes back to Tyler and hears Kent's ruling on longer-term committal.

"The court orders the defendant, Deanna Laney, to be automatically committed pursuant to [a finding of] not guilty by reason of insanity... for an evaluation at Vernon State Hospital.

Vernon State Hospital is near Wichita Falls. She'll be there until the next hearing April 23rd.

Since Deanna Laney was not convicted of a crime, the procedure will be for her to receive treatment for her psychotic delusions, then released if she's not a threat to herself or others.

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