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4/6/04 - Longview

College Student Killed In Drunk Driving Accident

A Longview man is accused of killing an east Texas college student in a drunk driving accident.

42 year old Floyd Johnson was taken into custody early Saturday morning minutes after the accident.  Iit happened on Highway 80 in Longview when police say Johnson slammed into the back of a car. Several Wiley college students were inside.

19 year old Tendayi Gwazi was killed. Tendayi is originally from Zimbawe.  She has a twin brother who also attends the college.

Friends say Tendayi had big plans for her future. 

"She wantted to be a very independent business woman. She wanted to have her own business later on in life. She also wanted to have some sort of relationship with a lot of kids especially back home in zimbawe," says Paul Kaduagure.

Two sisters, also riding in the car with Tendayi, were injured but are expected to recover.

A memorial for Tendayi is planned at the college next Monday night.

Amy Tatum, reporting.


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