Power of Prayer: The Morgan Family

Power of Prayer: The Morgan Family

By Dia Wall dwall@kltv.com

When you step into the home of Daniel and Carol Morgan, you see pieces of the Amazon in Brazil.

That's where the two have been missionaries for decades, sharing their faith.

Faith that was tested a few years ago when Carol thought she just had bad allergies.

Carol says "During the course of that treatment they also discovered that I had Hodgkin's Lymphoma in my lungs. They said usually 70 to 75 percent survival rate after two years. So you know if that's a grade you're pretty happy with 70 or 75 percent, but if it's your life you're not so pleased."

Carol told us "The first thing that we did when we got the diagnosis was tell our children, and then I asked Daniel to call everyone that we knew to tell them to pray for me, because I knew that was the only way I would have a hope of getting well."

Daniel Morgan told KLTV 7 "Your mind is always filled with the fears, and the worst case scenarios, and battling that and trying to hold on to hope and everything. So, that really and truly brings you into sharp focus with what it means to have that person in your life and how precious they are.

In February of 2010, Carol was finally cancer-free.

Which made it all the more difficult when the Morgans' daughter Sarah called them with the news that she was pregnant, but doctors found a growth on her colon the size of three tennis balls.

"And when she came home she came into the door and I hugged her and she just cried and said Mom it's not good. The doctor told them before they left that it's cancer," Carol said.

Daniel said "I think of the passage in 2 Corinthians where the apostle Paul says 'the things that we have suffered, God has allowed for us in our lives so that we might console others with the comfort that we have received from God ourselves.'"

Sarah was able to get chemotherapy treatments with no adverse effects for the baby.

The Morgans prayed to make it to 24 weeks, when the baby's organs would be fully developed.

Now, they're at 35.

Carol said "I'm wearing a bracelet that has two markers on it. I've been free from cancer for two years. I chose an amethyst, because it was in February that I got the first news I was cancer free. So I hope I can add a lot of those. We long for the time that we hear the news about our daughter that she's cancer free, and that she will be well and live long. And we are anxious for that and hopeful for that."

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