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"Left Behind" Authors In Tyler

Word Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins were in Tyler spread quickly. Fans lined up early to meet the famous authors of the Left Behind series.

"Its very exciting. I told a friend last night, cause we work the night shift at the hospital, to stay up 24 hours it means a lot to me," says fan Shirley Marsh.

Both authors are known around the world and not just in Christian circles. They've sold more than 40 million copies of their books. Book nine "Desecration" was the best selling novel in the world in 2001. Their popularity is so massive 60 Minutes II is profiling them and their following. Men like David Boles who says the books are life changing.

"I was out of church and had been for quite some time until I read the books and it sparked my interest back up and just having a relationship with Jesus Christ again."

The authors say that's why they wrote these books.

"It's encouraged me more than anything I have ever done. As a pastor for 37 years I've built churches and buildings and started organizations but this has been the most exciting, rewarding experience I've ever had," said LaHaye.

"They [the fans] write and tell us that they are more urgent about there faith and expecting the eminent return of Christ [because of the books]" says Jenkins.

In their books, characters Captain Steel and Buck Williams, miss the rapture and endure the end times. Together they try to win others to Christ. The most recent installment, book 12 "The Glorious Appearing." It is also the last.

Reporter: "Is it hard to say goodbye?"

"It is and readers are telling us the same thing. They don't want it to end," says Jenkins.

It's an end to more than a decade of writing that's taken the world by storm.

Michelle Mortensen, reporting. 

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