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4/5/04 - Tyler

Where Laney Will Go Now

Deanna Laney was acquitted this weekend on two charges of capital murder and one count of injury to a child. Because she was found insane, under state law, Laney will be committed to a maximum security mental institution. Where she will be sent will be decided tomorrow morning by Judge Cynthia Kent.

"From the outside looking in, I think there's going to be plenty of evidence to support a commitment, at least at this point in time," Bobby Mims, a local criminal defense attorney, said.

Mims says Laney will be committed and stay on medication. After 90 days, a psychiatric team will monitor her progress and decide if she should remain in the hospital, and if so, for how long.

A local psychiatrist, who has treated psychotic patients, says Laney may not have to stay committed for life.

"She very well may be someone who could be released from an institution, again, on proper medication and treatment, and live in society again," Dr. Greg Sears, of ETMC in Tyler, said. "With the nature of the murders that she committed against her own children, it's not really thought that women who have done that to their children are then dangerous to the general population.

Sears says Laney will likely stay on anti-psychosis or mood-stabilizing medication for life.

A court decision on the matter could be made by the end of the day tomorrow.

Julie Tam, reporting.

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