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4/5/04 - Tyler

New Book In The "Left Behind" Series Is Finally Out

Fans of the "Left Behind" series are thrilled the book "Glorious Appearing" has finally, well appeared.

East Texans have rushed to the stores to see which of their favorite characters made it to the very end.

"I've been reading the series and I was excited to see the ending. See who died," says reader Cynthia Grey.

That woman and millions of others have been waiting for one year to finally read the last book, "Glorious Appearing."

What the appeal? "Action, adventure, it's a love story of course and of course it's all based on prophesy, what they believe the prophesy means," says Cynthia.

If you're not a "Left Behind" reader, let me get you caught up. It all begins when people across the globe simply vanish. It quickly becomes clear, at least to a few, that was the rapture of Christians and those left behind had missed it. The books that follow take the reader through 7 years of tribulation before, you guessed it, Christ's glorious appearing.

"You start reading them and you start becoming one of the characters and you get really involved and you feel like you're there and you're witnessing everything happening," says Tammy Tyler.

Tim Lahaye and Jerry Jenkins wrote the fictional book based on their interpretation of the book of Revelation. Stephanie, at the Scroll bookstore, reminds the reader that it's only their interpretation, "it's only a guess from somebody that's been studying it for a long time. It still should be taken with a grain of salt."

But readers say the real appeal of the book is that it gives them hope that one day there will be a glorious appearing.

There's also a "Left Behind" series for children ages 10-12 that has sold more than 10 million copies worldwide. There are 24 books in that series and they correlate with the adult series as well.

Amy Tatum,, reporting.  

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